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03 April 2013

C is for Chicago

In the past couple of weeks, I've requested copies of two different style books at the library. The plan is to look over them both in the next nine weeks (yep, I plan to keep them as long as possible) and then decide which one I want to purchase. I fear the answer will be, "Both of them."

Image source:
Austin Public Library.
So, one of the styles is Chicago. My first true introduction to Chicago style was when I was a volunteer at BikeTexas, and we wrote an entire report in Chicago style. That was especially fun last spring semester when I was writing a thesis in MLA for school and writing a report in Chicago for my volunteer job. Although I will say that each provided a welcome break from the other.

Anyway! There are some things about Chicago style I'm not wild about, such as its rigid adherence to the Oxford comma, but I do like the footnoting. The other thing I don't like? You only get some questions for free on the Chicago website before it asks you to hand over some cash.

So maybe that's my answer; in lieu of purchasing a Chicago Manual of Style, which is bound to go out of date in a year or two anyway when they bring out version #17 (this is speculation; I have no insider information on the next Chicago update), perhaps I'll just buy online access and be happy with that. 

Do you use Chicago style? What do you like or dislike about it?


Anonymous said...

I use Delores style lol. I expect to make a fortune when I copywrite it.

Bryan Reddish said...

Right, Delores. I'm a bit out of it. I've been accused of having no style. Mine tend to cascade if I get the flow right. Fees? Let's open source, crowd source our own style. Shouldn't that be free?

Laura said...

Okay - I'm lost - what are these styles?

Donna Shields said...

Lol, Delores style. While I was reading along, I was thinking Donna style!

Anonymous said...

I've used Chicago style for 5 years, it's a requirement for historical writing, and I love it. I'm also a stickler for the oxford comma, as I think it improves clarity (and the publisher I proofread for requires it as well).
I'm sure there are some features I dislike, but I've been using it so long it's all second nature.

Sandra Tyler said...

that's a famous one!

Trisha F said...

My university is just starting to adopt Chicago, and it looks pretty freaky to me! I still have no idea what it's all about. I'm trying to avoid it, in a way.