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19 April 2013

Guest Blog: Q is for Questions

Today's guest blogger is my cousin Deborah Ann, who I love dearly and miss so very much! We both live in awesome places (her in the Bay Area; me in Austin) and so far neither of us has been willing to give up our awesome cities to move closer to the other one, which is a bummer. Deborah has also guest blogged here at Cheekyness once before. 

Recently, I had one of those life altering things happen. Ok, in the course of 12 weeks, I had about 4 life altering things happen.

First (and this one wasn’t a surprise), at age 35 I went back to school full time, and in January started my last quarter (with an over full-time load) and on April 6 I finished my Associates in Accounting.

Second, I went in for a physical and a lump was found at the base of my skull. It turned out to be a non-cancerous cyst, but had surgery to remove the golf ball sized cyst (it had been pushing my skull in, so we didn’t know how big it was) and afterwards I was headache free immediately for the first time in I don’t know how long!

Third, I got a call from my middle child, Anny’s, speech teacher that Anny had complained to her teacher that she couldn’t hear him during class if she wasn’t already looking at him. So they tested her hearing, and she is losing her hearing. She is showing in the severely hard of hearing range on the tests so far, but we have a few left.

Fourth, we noticed our youngest, Chris, was getting sick to his stomach a lot. After a lot of testing, and a bout that almost ended with him in a diabetic coma, he was diagnosed with cyclical vomiting syndrome, or CVS. Basically if he gets over excited, stressed, tired, anything—he gets migraines and starts vomiting…sometimes once, sometimes for six days straight.

A few other things have happened, but none not planned or as big as this. As you can probably surmise, all of these things have led to life changes. One—with only one question—will the cyst grow back, the others opening all sorts of questions:

Do I start looking for work or go on to finish my Bachelor’s of Science degree?
How quickly do I do all of this?
Hearing aides or surgery (cochlear implants or other corrective measures)?
How do we tell if a cycle is coming?
What do we do with his schedule?
Do we let him still play sports, go on playdates, spend the night at others' houses?
Should I really get a job when I just might lose it because he has missed 36 days of school this year, and that doesn’t count the days they have sent him home in the middle?
How do I let the girls keep their full lives when I need to keep him home and calm instead of running all over delivering them places and then picking them up again?

I have decided that trying to answer any of these questions just confuses me more, pops up more questions, and then answering another makes the first unanswered again. So the only question that I can answer is:

And the only way to answer it: on our knees in prayer.

Thank you for the chance to put it all out there, and organize somewhat my thoughts on paper.
God Bless You,
Deborah Ann


Anonymous said...

Just a thought but here it is anyway....if you keep him away from all stress and tension won't he be at a disadvantage when an unavoidable situation crops up? Wouldn't it be better to just let him learn to come to grips with situations. You really can't get through life without facing stress, tension etc.

Crystal Collier said...

It's so difficult sometimes to know what's best. When we've exhausted our own understanding, isn't it a comfort to know there's a greater source of wisdom out there? Here's wishing you all the best with your many challenges!

Pati Morris said...

Oh my! That is a lot all at once!

May God bless and guide you and your family during this time.

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