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24 April 2013

Guest Post: U is for Universe

Today's guest blogger is my friend Kathryn, who has blogged at Cheekyness once before.

I like the idea of the universe. I, for the most part, like being allowed to exist, most days. I like the variety of it all; different planets, different climates, possibly different plant and animal life.

From Chemtec on stock.xchng.
I like the stars in the sky, the moon and its phases. When I walk out with the precious pup into the backyard at night, I look up at the sky. Sometimes – but rarely, since I live in the desert – the sky is overcast and cloaked in mystery. But on most nights I can look up into the starry, moonlit sky and instantly feel my neck and shoulders relax. The comic strip “Rose is Rose” calls it a garbage moment, for when the characters take the garbage out at night. But it is not garbage to me. It is a moment when I am aware of the greatness of my Creator. And it is a moment when I feel my smallness in the whole scheme of the universe. It is a moment of cool air after a hot day, a moment of beauty after the garbage life throws at us.

But I am growing quite weary of life in this universe. I find that the “you” is being dropped from the whole universe concept. It is more and more, and even more, about only “me”.

Born a Baby Boomer, my generation was tagged “the Me Generation”. I beg to differ! I was taught manners to show respect to others. I was taught how to converse face to face and, by so doing, would know if my words were hurtful to another. I have learned to be compassionate toward others because we all have problems and bad days and need to be shown kindnesses. I was shown and have, through trial and error, learned the importance of personal integrity. As I grow older it is hard enough to get a good night’s sleep, and I have learned that integrity in my actions is a vital component to that end.

Yes, I am now THAT old! I am THAT out of place in this universe. The people in the know, that ubiquitous “they”, say the youth feel hopeless. Being the in-the-know and compassionate person that I am, I can understand that. Systemic abandonment, infinite tolerance, delayed adolescence, techno-relationships, the perilous nature of the family – these are all contributing factors to that feeling. The grey hair on my head tells me that the individual is the only one who can make changes in themselves.

Another reason I love the universe is that I love science fiction. Real science fiction, not fantasy or action-adventure in technological disguise. I love the hope and courage it represents. I love the stories of friendship among the space travelers. I truly love that it is a non-threatening place to explore our differences and safely discuss our problems.

One Star Trek episode, the real Star Trek, was titled “The Empath”. The three, Kirk, McCoy and Spock, were captured and beaten on an alien planet. A woman in wispy attire was brought in to see if she could heal Dr. McCoy. The woman had alien powers to bring a person’s wounds to her body, and her healthy body could heal them. But the healing process took much out of her, robbing her of strength and her own health. She was able to heal McCoy’s surface wounds with no problem. Her alien superiors then placed her with Captain Kirk. Kirk was injured much worse. The woman knew it could be her own death if she helped him, and that was just the dilemma her superiors wanted her to overcome. They wanted her to have enough empathy to heal the alien, the stranger, even at her own risk.

Has our universe lost its empathy? Its integrity? Its old-fashioned manners? As a country, a world, do we still stand for what is right, or do we look after our own benefit? Is the universe how you want it? Is it how you want to live?


Anonymous said...

It is a slippery slope we are standing on right now....

Cathrina Constantine said...

I have to believe their is more good in this universe than bad.