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16 April 2013

N is for Notes

When I made my list of topics a few weeks ago, I didn't write myself a note about what all of them were supposed to be about. This has turned out to be a grave error, because I've had a few days during the challenge already when I've wondered, "What was I thinking?"

Not just on my blog: I put a book on hold at the library one day last week, and when it arrived a few days later, I had no idea why I wanted the book in the first place. And I don't really have time to read the entire book when I have a whole bunch of other books to read. So, I wish I'd written myself a note. In the meantime, Chadwick is reading the book and he doesn't know what I wanted it for, either.

This is my solution. At least, the
start of a solution.
Somewhere along the way, I got out of the habit of carrying a notebook with me everywhere I go, but since I keep forgetting things, I've decided it's time to revive the idea of having a paper and pen within reach at all times.

Oh, did you think this post was going to be about taking notes in class? Ha! That's just crazy. No, I'm an online student and all out transcripts are recorded and posted. I only write something down if I REALLY need to. That is an upside to being online instead of on campus.

Do you carry a notebook with you? What sort of things do you put in it?


Anonymous said...

I have a notebook at home...on the road I carry index cards.

J.L. Campbell said...

I keep one all the time. It's good for jotting down ideas or for when I'm making corrections to my work-in-progress.

J.L. Campbell writes Jamaican Kid Lit

Chadwick said...

I have that nifty feature on my phone that lets me write notes to myself. I prefer the notebook+pen route, but find it hard to carry one with me. :/

JEFritz said...

Not a notebook. I'm a digital girl, with either a phone, tablet or a computer if I need to remember something. But if I'm really desperate, I write on my arm :).

Karen M. Peterson said...

I write little notes on post-its and leave them all over my desk. It looks disorganized, but I know what and where everything is.

Pati Morris said...

I carry a notebook full of notes, phone messages, blog post ideas, etc. I have a separate notebook just for keeping all of my passwords - although I have started trying to transfer them into a spreadsheet. The password notebook is FULL and I need a better system! Anyways, I have a hard time remembering everything anymore...