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13 April 2013

L is for Language

Don't worry; I'm not going to start swearing on the blog. In grad school life... well, it happens. I just don't write it down.

From wowacom on stock.xchng.
I said a couple of months ago during class, "I know what all these words mean, but not in this order." That started as a joke, but it's a pretty good description of my reality. And of course, at least once a day I run into words I don't know, which makes me very thankful that I can click on a word from pretty much every program and be taken to a definition. Why is this important? Because if I open a paper-and-ink dictionary, I'll lose an hour or two because I'll get distracted from what I was doing and just keep reading. I love dictionaries.

Anyway! Academia has its own language, I've discovered, and I suspect that each discipline also has its own lexicon, but I only have one field of study, so I can't speak for everybody else's languages. By some miracle, I've managed to learn a few new words in grad school. But of course, I still have a long way to go before I can converse as freely as my classmates.

Have you learned any new words lately?


Maggid said...

FINALLY - I have met another person - even if it's on the internet - who READS the dictionary. Are you also hopeless if you get your hands on an encyclopedia? My parents used to think I was broken - they'd never heard of a kid who would sit down wherever she was - and spend hours reading about anything . . .

I'm no longer a kid - and I've never overcome the habit.

Happy A to Z!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for the dictionary on line.

erica and christy said...

My son and I read an MG/lower YA book together for his 6th grade reading project and there were a couple of words in it I had to click on with my Kindle! Not that I remember what they were, but maybe someday I'll hear them again and think "OH! I know that one!"

Karen M. Peterson said...

I have totally said the same thing in meetings and classes!

JEFritz said...

Not really any new words. I prefer looking at the histories of old words :).