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17 April 2013

O is for OH, that is a lot of reading.

My research this semester is on parents and bicycling. So far, I've read one book and 19 articles. I'll be citing two chapters from that book, and I have three more book chapters (different book) and at least 28 more articles that I'm wading through. That all need to be read, so I can decide which ones to include in my literature review, and it needs to be done sometime yesterday.

I'm going to need one of these.
From hhsara on stock.xchng.
I've heard this is only the beginning and it will only get worse as I progress through grad school. Good thing I love to read.

What are you reading this week?


Talli Roland said...

I'm reading a book called 'Welcome to my World'. It's good so far!

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I'm supposed to be working, but I'm sneaking in Mission Flats by William Landay. Excellent suspense thriller. Did I mention I'm supposed to be working?

JEFritz said...

I'm reading a bunch of different things, including books and webcomics. It's a bit more fun than grad student stuff.

Karen M. Peterson said...

That is SO MUCH READING. But I remember having to do a ton of reading just for my Bachelor's thesis. I can only imagine working on a Masters.