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12 April 2013

K is for Kill Me Now

It's amusing how many tumblrs, blogs, twitter accounts, and other assorted social media outlets are devoted to bemoaning to grad student life. They all do seem to eventually devolve (or maybe it's evolve, depending on your point of view) into praising the merits of alcohol.

Obviously, grad school has some attendant stressors, although clearly not so many that I can't participate in a month-long blogfest. And there are things that frustrate the life out of me, and it's not much comfort that no matter what life path I were on, there'd be some idiot at regular intervals who would say some variation on, "But you chose to go to grad school/join the Army/learn basket weaving/live in a commune/fly airplanes/etc., so why are you complaining?" (BTW, if you're that person, why are you choosing to be an insufferable Captain Obvious? Just stop.)

In other words, I don't really mean it when I say Kill Me Now, not even when trying to read 20 articles in a single evening while wishing I had a social life. Yes, it is what I signed up for. No, I did not expect life to come stress-free. Yes, I do reserve my right to sigh deeply and post occasional cries for help on Twitter. But the important one is: I won't quit, not even on the worst days. Just like all of you in the midst whatever life is throwing your way.
A typical cry for help. I really don't understand this class at all, and three weeks from the end is not a good time to realise that.
So! Cheekyness is open for all the G-rated unloading and venting you need. Grab a cup a virtual tea and a pretend cookie, and tell us: What's stressing you out this week?


Anonymous said...

What's stressing me out this week?...this miserable weather. Fortunately it's not 'forever weather' so I can handle it. Hang in there.....you're doing great.

Toni McKilligan said...

Good for you! Grad school is something that life deemed not for me. Just breathe! You'll get through it. And if you need to vent now and then, so be it. This week my cats are stressing me out.

Karen Peterson said...

Maybe this is why I haven't decided on grad school yet...

Anonymous said...

By some strange coincidence I considered "Kill Me Now!" for K Day. The way this week has gone, it would have been more truth than hyperbole. I salute your determination. Godspeed!

Happy A to Z!

JEFritz said...

Complaining is an inalienable right of social media. What's stressing me this week? Sending out my WIP to a beta reader, even if it's someone I trust and who's nice. Scares the willies out of me.