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11 April 2014

J is for Jane.

It's the A to Z Challenge, where every day I share my favourite book or series that begins (ish) with the day's letter.

Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë

Image from Goodreads.

(Incidentally, my bicycle is named after Charlotte Brontë, but we call it Sharlie for short. I know, it's crazy.) What's your favourite J book?


Jeremy [Retro] said...

great on the jane way...

Thank you for being part of the "AtoZ Challenge", please stop on over to my site[s] and say "Hello"!

Jeremy [Retro]
AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2014]

Old is the New Cool...

Karen M. Peterson said...

I love Jane Eyre. Great book. And I loved the film with Mia Wasachowska.

Melanie Stanford said...

I like Jane Eyre but I'm more an Austen fan than a Bronte fan. :)

Birgit said...

Great book and also love the film(s)

Su Wilcox said...

Jeremy: Nice to meet you!

Karen: I have seen part of a film version when it was on PBS once, but no idea which one or who! I suppose I should make more of an effort to watch. :)

Melanie: Me, too.

Brigit: I also love all the Jane Eyre references I find in other books from time to time. It's like running into an old friend.