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20 April 2013

R is for Research

Oops, I accidentally covered this a little bit the other day!

So, one of my classes this semester is Field Methods of Research. We've talked about all sorts of things that had never occurred to me before (at least, not in the academic research context), like diary studies and prototyping, and read about research from both the academic and practitioner angles.

I opted for a survey for my research project, but I've found that those around me are pretty excited about me researching parents and bicycling. I guess I'm excited, too, but WOW, with the semester almost over I feel pretty overwhelmed. Yipe.

And yeah, I'm still wading through my research articles that I mentioned a few days ago. I predict that my review of the existing literature section and my suggestions for future research sections of the final paper will both be quite lengthy.

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Disha said...

I wish I had learnt early on about researching for blogging on my website ! Anyhow enjoying the challege as of now :) Happy to connect. I am now following you via A to Z Challenge . Do feel free to drop by my blog Wilderness at www.disha-doshi.blogspot.com



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