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28 September 2008

Fire & Apples

So I made an apple pie for community group (we have a theme for supper each week; this week is "southern food." Which, when translated, apparently means "fried." I'm not eating much supper this week.), but I had too many apples, so I spread the rest of them on a cookie sheet for baked apples, which Chad & I like. Then, the juice oozed all over the place, including the bottom of the oven, so that when I went to check on everything, smoke came out of the oven. So I had to run round opening windows & doors so that our smoke alarm wouldn't go off. But the apple pie itself is unharmed, so we have that much to be thankful for. :)

Speaking of Apples, my iPod died at our last race, and I have been unable to revive it. And, the word from apple.com is that it would cost more to repair than to replace. :'( So, I am without an iPod for a few weeks. I think I may get a new one in time for our half marathon, but that is still six weeks away. On the upside, it will probably be good to remember what it is like to run without music. On the downside, we have two races (Komen 5K & running club 10K) before then, and I really count on music to push me along. Or, I suppose it would be more correct to say the music helps me push myself. Whichever it is, I hope my powers of self-motivation are at work.

And... we are off to a baptism in about 20 minutes. Our friends' daughter has decided to give her life to Jesus, so we are going to watch. It's a bit hard to get my head round actually, we've known this girl since she was in Kindergarten-- Kindergarten!-- but we are delighted for her and her parents at this decision. Well, there is nothing about fire or apples in that little story, but we will have the apple pie in the car the whole time, so that's probably close enough.

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Ben A. said...

hey susan, its ben alexander. i lost my phone and everyones phone numbers, could you have chad give me a call? we were sitting here the other day and reialized that we havent had you guys over since we moved in and thats a long time ago now. hope to hear from you soon.