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14 September 2008

It's official.

I'm addicted.

I'm realise that I'm coming late to the party-- most of the Western world has been addicted for decades-- but I hear that admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

It's consuming my thoughts, I keep trying to think of ways to get more of it, and I talk about it when I can't get any. It's causing me to gain weight and lose muscle. It's interrupting my sleep.

I'm talking about our television, of course. The girl who would do anything to miss out on family TV time has grown into an adult who talks about TV characters as though they are real people. How did this happen to me?

Anyway, we are looking into options for recording the shows we like during the week (NCIS, Criminal Minds, ER, CSI, Numbers... anyone seeing a pattern here?) to free up our evenings, and then watching them on the weekend. Thus far, we have rejected "buy a VCR" and are looking into "buy a DVR".

Or, I perhaps should take the advice of a guy named Dave and just get rid of the awful thing before it steals any more hours of my life.


Timbra said...

been a faithful ER watcher for all it's life. . . can't believe Feb will be the last episode, but I'm dying for the season to start, that and biggest loser. the others, CSI, law & order, criminal minds, I used to love them, til I had a kid, then they not only became inappaproriate to watch with her, but also freaked me out about things that people could do to her, had to stop watching. and i fixed voila. there was a store in fiji named voila, but the way i spelled it, i guess that's the fijian twist vua-la

Nora Hyman said...

We get a DVR box through Suddenlink for like $11 a month ... and it is the most amazing thing ever! We can record tv shows and movies, and fast forward through commercials and rewind and pause live tv ... it is really the coolest invention ever and I highly recommend it!
Join the dark side!

Su said...

Nora... are you working for Suddenlink? Do you get a kickback for every box they sell?

Su said...

Sorry, Timbra, didn't mean to ignore you! Yeah, I keep thinking that all these police dramas are filling my imagination with too much of the wrong stuff.

Okay, that makes sense with voila... although the Fijian twist does kind of make me think "vulva" when I look at it. I suppose if I had seen it more, it would look natural... in the meantime, I'll just snicker inappropriately when I think of it.

Nora Hyman said...

LOL - I wish! I am just addicted to my DVR and I want to bring everyone over with me ...

Su said...

Ah. That would solve my problem, actually... do you record any of the shows on my list? :)