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18 September 2008

Still no closer to a solution.

I had nearly-- nearly-- decided that TV is bad for my brain and lifestyle. I was on the brink of chucking it altogether.

Then I watched Criminal Minds this evening. The season finale from last season (I missed it the first time around). So, add that to my list* of "don't-miss-this-season-opener" shows.

Darn you, CBS & NBC execs!

We can't afford a DVR, and I am not going further into debt just to own one. But, I don't want to give up my weeknights to watch TV, either.

Why am I spending this much angst on the box that wants to suck my soul away?

*(In case you are wondering, my list thus far includes: CSI: Miami, NCIS, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, CSI, ER, Life, and Numbers. And I am fighting with the urge to watch How I Met Your Mother.)


Timbra said...

i can give you no TV solutions. I try not to love mine, but there are a few things that just suck you in. and you reminded me of my love of "life," I'm glad that ones coming back for sure. I thought i was like the only person who liked it. . sad, I'm the only person who likes life. . ha ha!!! anyway, what the heck is a helicopter parent? I don't know if "laid back" is the kind of parent we are, i guess i feel like a lot of times if you choose to do things like NOT freaking out, NOT "punishing" etc, then people think you're a "lax" parent, but I want people to know that "loving guidance" is a parenting strategy that is extremely PURPOSEFUL when put into use and a decision that parents make, not just like "oh i'm freaked my kid will scream, or i don't like to spank so he gets away with everything" kind of attitude. anyway, of course. . . i could go on and on, that was just a snippet of what i feel/have learned etc. maybe there will be more to come. mike felt it was like a pointed message about someone's specific parenting, but most assuradly it was not, it was just a "coming out" about many things i used to think were crazy!!!! and now i do them. not even a way i was raised or anything, just my own "perfect life" ideas, ya know?!!!!

Timbra said...

ps, what's the name of the "HOW TO not parent" blog? ha ha!!!