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27 September 2008

Happy Birthday, Google!

That has nothing to do with my post.

So, I have spent my week watching TV, and consoling myself in my obsession by making sure to get all of my training runs in (6 weeks until my 1/2 marathon!) and by doing my transcription course during the commercials. Does that count as not-quite-obsessed?

And I watched a couple of shows this week that I don't plan to watch regularly (CSI: Miami and ER), but I did want to see the premier. Really, I have three shows that I plan to watch weekly: NCIS, Criminal Minds, and Life. And Criminal Minds is still on the fence. So I may not be as deeply in as I thought. :)

Anyway! TV talk over. We ran a long run this morning (9 miles, except that I took a wrong turn at the beginning, so it was more like 9.5), then went to the Step Out: Walk for Diabetes event (conveniently held in the same park where we run).

The Diabetes walk was spectacularly successful, at least from my standpoint as a participant. They got off at the scheduled time, which to me is only just short of miraculous. Most of the people I saw walking were smiling, laughing, and otherwise having a good time. And the free food afterwards wasn't bad, either.

Speaking of free things, the Coke tent was handing out bottles of Fuze. One bottle of that stuff and I am totally hooked. Too bad it's so expensive.

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