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13 September 2008

If they called them Sad Meals, adults wouldn't buy them.

So I bought a Happy Meal tonight. It was really good.

I haven't bought a Happy Meal in aaaages, although they used to be a staple of my fast food diet. (Which, as you may know, is not a very sizeable diet, since I don't really eat out.) But Chad and I worked hard today (ran a 10K, I went to an event at church, then we did some yard work for a couple from church), so we stopped for a quick bite on our way home. It helps that McDonalds is less than a mile from our house.

So here's how the ordering went:

I: I'd like a double cheeseburger, a large fry, and a Happy Meal with a chocolate milk.
Underpaid Cashier (UC): Is the Happy Meal for a boy or a girl?
I: (confused pause) Oh, it's for me... can I have the Wizard of Oz toy?
UC: Drive around, please.
{at the window}
UC: You are the first person I've ever heard admit that the Happy Meal is for them.
I: Really?
UC: Yeah.
I: Wow, why wouldn't I?
UC: I don't know, most people don't, even when it's obviously for them. (Closes window to get my change.)
I: (to Chad) I think I should get an award for being the first person to admit to eating a Happy Meal.
Chad: (stares at me-- he was pretty tired)
UC: (opens window) Here's your change-- enjoy your meal.
I: Thank you! (to Chad) That's so funny. I can't wait to tell Denise (sister) about this.

I'm pretty sure I'll be going back while they are still having the Wizard of Oz toys. So far, I have Glinda the Good Witch, and I'd like to get my hands on Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Wicked Witch of the West, and the Wizard. And maybe the Cowardly Lion. Okay, I actually don't intend to eat at McDonalds that much in the next few weeks. Perhaps my fast food-loving family will collect them for me.

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