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01 September 2008

Sorry, Apple.

Chad is anti-iPod.

Actually, it is just my iPod he doesn't like. And it is not so much the actual iPod, as the times I choose to use it (like, when he is 20 minutes into a 45-minute speech). I've tried telling him that he shouldn't have gotten it for me, then (birthday present), but I have been unsuccessful in convincing him that my inattention is his own fault.

But right this moment, he is glad that I have it, and even encouraged me to put it on. Why? Because he is watching a movie that I a) don't care to see, and b) don't even care to hear.

It seems to me to be an extraordinarily parental move (albeit, not a good parental move) to encourage another member of the household to listen to music instead of what's on TV. I'll remember this next time he moans about what I have on.

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