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07 September 2008

I feel so teacher-y.

My mission this week: To get 96 diecut, information affixed, laminated fruit shapes (apples, oranges and grapes) cut out and attached to magnets by Friday night, so I can hand them out at the Fall Brunch at church on Saturday morning.

I have one of the magnet rolls unrolled and laying across the couch, in the hopes that it will "relax" enough to be cut into small pieces and stuck on the back of my fruit. I have the lamination tightly rolled up and off the floor in my bedroom, in the hopes that I won't get my hair all over it. (Yeah. I shed. A lot. And the vacuum doesn't like to pick it up.)

And... I've had to do the poster- and handout- making all on my own this time, because my cohort in crime had a family emergency. Sorry, Ruth... I'm thinking of you.

So, why do I feel like a teacher? Well, who else puts information onto a diecut piece of fruit?

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