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24 December 2008

Christmas Eve

So, we're putting up the tree, rearranging the furniture, tidying up the house (not necessarily in that order), and in the course of the evening, I take a plant pot full of dirt into the other room to dump into my big plant pot where I keep all currently-unused dirt.

And, the pot slips and dumps dirt all over: 1. The floor. 2. My feet. 3. Some reasonably clean clothes that I hung up very neatly on my bedroom floor.

So, Chad orders me not to move while he fetches the trowel (so I can scoop up as much dirt as possible) and the vacuum cleaner (to get the rest of it).

Merry Christmas, everyone!

(Yes, I have been sadly derelict in my posting lately. Don't worry; I have a couple weeks' worth of anecdotes to share once I run out of other things to do.)

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