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13 December 2008


So, I've been looking forward to Hugh Laurie on SNL, mainly because I wanted to hear what his real accent sounds like. You know how it sounds? English.

Seriously, it is strange to hear Hugh Laurie's real accent coming out of House's mouth. And I am even more in awe than ever at how well he hits the American accent every week. With an Australian in the room, no less, who is using his own accent.

So, twenty minutes into the show, and I'm already loving it. Especially this bit when he is talking about blood pudding with Bettie & Jodi. Hee!

Hugh Laurie, you rock! Even though it is wild how well you can sound American.


Haley said...

I'm watching right now; I love Hugh!

Nora said...

I agree, it was very odd to hear such a beautiful and sophisticated English accent coming out of the abrassive Dr. House's mouth! I just keep wondering where his cane was and couldn't get over him not limping and not being mean to people ... :)

Su said...

I know! It really does show how good of an actor he is, that when we see him, we're wondering what's happened to House.