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11 December 2008

If I am a normal reader of your blog,

and you strolled on here to see where the heck I've gotten to, please know that I am not ignoring your posts. I will be happily back online and snarking once more as soon as everyone around me decides that the holidays have been sufficiently acknowledged. (Seriously. Everything in Lubbock-- or nearly everything-- that is happening in December was scheduled between the 5th & 15th. Which makes for one crazy week, even for me who hardly does anything.)

So, here's what we have left:

Tomorrow night: We are staying home. Halelujah.
Saturday: Final WTRC race of the year, a wedding, and Chad's work's Christmas party.
Sunday: Bible class Christmas party.

And that's the game. So we're almost done, and starting on Monday (which is also my sister's birthday), I intend to enjoy my holidays in peace. Just how I will do that I don't know yet, but I'm sure something will come to me.

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