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30 December 2008

Nice surprise

So, one day last week, Chad showed up at my work with these. Ordinarily, he is banned from buying me flowers, on the basis that we have enough other things to spend our money on; we don't need to splurge on things that he is allergic to which will die in a couple of days anyway. But I suppose he decided that at Christmas, the rules are relaxed.

So, all my coworkers were in a dither, wanting to know the occasion. (I told them, "There's a flower sale at United.")

Chad actually got away better that he might have; all the ladies in the flower shop at the store were trying to convince him to get this or that, so he finally told them, "If I buy all that stuff, my wife will kill me!"

That's not entirely true. But it's close.


Haley said...

well that was very sweet of Chad!! remember way back like 10 posts ago when you said it would probably be your last one for 2008; well all i have to say to that is; ha!

Su said...

Sorry, what I meant was that was my last race for 2008. Not my last post. I still have at least one more of those in me. :)

sarah chia said...

That's cool. My husband's parents own a flower shop, so he gave me flowers a lot when we were dating. But ... well... not so much anymore.

Of course, I agree with you. They die too soon, and they cost quite a bit. I'd rather have something that lasts, but still it's pretty cool to know your husband is thinking of ya and just wants to give you something pretty.

Su said...

It was really sweet. And I don't mind for a once-in-a-while thing. :)