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28 December 2008

No family members were harmed in the eating of this dessert...

In case you missed in on Christmas day, this is another shot of our 4-layer chocolate monstrosity. We couldn't even finish it on Christmas, it was so chocolatey. Even the chocolate-obsessed people we are couldn't eat it all in one day. I highly unrecommend it to everyone I know, plus any strangers who happen by.
I really do love chocolate, of course, in monumental proportions, and if I were willing to risk spending a day throwing up, I might have tried to eat "just a bit more" yesterday. Fortunately, I have developed some sense and respect for my body in my 30 years.
I was thinking last night about my lifelong relationship with chocolate, and how about 10 years ago, I realised that I would never be able to walk away from chocolate on my own, so I started praying for a chocolate allergy. Instead, the Lord gave me migraines. So now, I have to decide whether a day spent in bed is a worthwhile trade for a large volume of chocolate. If not, then I have to keep my portion small. Funny how God gives us what we need (motivation to exercise my own self-control), rather than what we ask for (complete lack of responsibility in my non-chocolate state). It's almost like he knows best, or something.


sarah chia said...

That does look like a lot o' chocolate.

I opted for the Red Velvet birthday cake for Jesus this year. It was oh so tasty, and we do still have some left, too.

Su said...

Oooh, red velvet. I love that stuff. Unfortunately, DH does not.