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27 December 2008

The Last One (for 2008)

So, I decided not to bore you with another blow-by-blow account of yet another WTRC race. Instead, I'm just going to give you some highlights of the final race of the year.

1. I passed a Marine! More on this later.
2. This race benefits Toys for Tots, and it was really cool to see the table loaded down with toys. Economic downturn, sparser Christmas that usual, and still we all managed to bring toys for kids who otherwise wouldn't have any. That was cool.
3. And since Toys for Tots is a Marine Corps charity, we had some Marines running with us.
4. The Marines started us of with the whole running-in-formation-while-chanting thing. Fun to watch.
5. I passed a Marine!!
6. Because of the way the course is set up, you have to run across a field away from the finish line at the end, then turn back to the finish line. So you get a good look at all the people who ran faster than you. One of the Marines was trotting along and a little girl (I think she's about 10) sprinted past him, ably cheered on by one of the Marine's buddies (the 1st seargent). Hee! The woman behind them commented to the 1st seargent that he may be looking at a potential recruit.
7. I passed a Marine, and I set a PR!!!
8. Okay, passing the Marine: Actually, I passed two, but one of the ones I passed had stopped for a chat when I passed him, so it's not like I ran him down or anything. And passing the other was kind of like when I win a medal and I'm the only one in my age group; someone mentioned before the race began that some of them were reserves, not on active duty, which meant they were out of practise. And we had some pretty challenging hills on this course, so "out of practise" would have made for an unfun race. Still, I'll take it.

Good news: Only two weeks until our first race of 2009. I know you'll mark your calendar.

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