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09 December 2008

Do you hear those crickets?

Yes, it has been quiet around here for the past week. The final preparations and execution of the Christmas tea kept me busy sending emails, making a peppermint wreath, compiling, copying, and counting cookbooks, sending more emails, and I think there were some chocolate-covered pretzels involved as well.

Anyway! So I thought that I couldn't have had more fun at a Christmas tea than we had last year, but darned if we didn't do it again.

The first speaker talked about entering into God's presence. The second speaker read The Gift of the Magi. The cheer contest was hysterical. The carols were lovely.

And, I came home with a surprise gift. Nice.


Haley said...

what; your not going to tell us what the surprise gift is???

Nora said...

I am curious about the suprise gift as well... why are you keeping us in this suspense?