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18 July 2010

Aaah! I've gone picture-free!

Yep, I have all these posts with no pics again. And after resolving to do better about the decorations around here, too.

Some days, I read other blogs and realise what a lousy writer I really am. (No need to comment to make me feel better about this; it's not like I'm going to stop writing.) (Also no need to comment to agree.) And I read one such blog this morning, and have added it to my blogroll, and I now share it with you:

Emdashes. If you are at all of the literary or pop-culture persuasion, go read it. And if you are wondering what an emdash is, I went and asked our nice friends at Wikipedia, and they said, "If your readers all went to school, they should know what an em dash is. And it has a space, you moron!"

So I said, "Thanks for clearing that up, Wikipedia, but you are being a bit unfair. After all, most of my friends and I went to public school. Besides, we are getting old and can't be expected to remember everything that we once knew."

And then Wikipedia grudgingly gave me this definition: "A dash is a punctuation mark. It is similar in appearance to a hyphen, but a dash is longer and it is used differently. The most common versions of the dash are the en dash (–) and the em dash (—)."

After which I said, "Thank you, Wikipedia; was that so hard?"

Then Wikipedia went off in a huff and isn't speaking to me until I ask it a really hard question.


Timbra Wiist said...

susan, i read your blog, not so good at the commenting lately. . .i just came upon an emdash this AM due to an html code I had to embed. . . now I know what it's called. . thank you!

Su said...

Wow, funny how we all come across stuff at the same time! :)