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01 July 2010

Almost done

So, I'm having an entertaining last couple of weeks at work. People say strange things at the best of times, but leaving them forever doesn't help.

Coworker: I'm going to miss you, even though you're rude.
I (thinking, You should know about being rude after that!): Okay.
Various coworkers: Are you getting excited?
I: No, I've been excited for about six months.
Various coworkers: So, do you have everything packed?
I: No, we still have to live in our house.
VCs: Oh, yeah.
Coworker: Are you getting excited?
I (sighing): Yes.
C: Are you going to miss everybody?
I: Mehhhh...
C: You're supposed to say yes!
I: I don't do a lot of things I'm supposed to do. (thinking, Why ask if you already knew the answer you wanted to hear?)
Coworker: What are we going to do without you?
I: You'll live.
C: We might not!
I: Then you'll have a funeral.
Coworker: I'm going to cry on your last day.
I: Oh, that's really sweet! I'm not going to cry.
Another coworker: Why not?
I: confused stare
AC: You aren't going to cry on your last day?
I: No. (still confused)
AC: Aren't you going to miss us?
I: Yeah, but you aren't dying.

So, the end of the story is, my coworkers will probably be better off without their daily dose of snark. But I bet it's lot more boring.


sparquay said...

These people in the south either have strange attachment issues, or... they've learned to fake it really well and act strange when you don't reciprocate.

Su said...