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30 July 2010

Where's My Car?

I've hesitated before blogging about our new transportation, but it's not like it is going to be a secret forever, so here goes:

(This is not what our car looked like. I just think it's fun.)

We're car-free again. We didn't plan on this; when we first looked into apartments in Austin, we thought we would have a car here. But when we considered the money we would have to spend to get the car fixed and keep it running, we opted instead to pass the car along to someone who needed it more than we.

So Chad's coworker took the car off our hands, with the plan that once repaired, it will be her daughter's first car. (I don't know what she's done with the running and Scotland stickers we left on the car.) When I think back to my first car, which by all rights should have had its own zip code, I think the young lady in question is quite lucky indeed.

So our car drove off a couple of days before we left Lubbock. And so far, we've seen Austin by bus. And foot. And, a little bit, bicycle.

Thus far, the massive upswing in our fitness and downswing in our weight that we were hoping for has not happened, but we've only been here for three weeks.

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