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31 July 2010

Words: You're That Person to Someone

I close out July by dusting off this series that I got sidetracked from a few weeks ago.

These words of wisdom were bestowed upon me many years ago by my coordinator in Scotland. I don't remember the complaint that sparked the conversation, although there is no doubt that I complained about something. And he said, "Just remember, you're that person to someone."

I think about this truth a lot. Especially in the light of Annoying Guy, this week, and pretty much every other annoying person in my life the rest of the time. And with my personality, there tend to be a lot of annoying people in my life, so I feel pretty confident that there are an equal number of people who sigh and possibly vacate the premises when they see me coming. (Then there's that friendly coworker who said, "I'll miss you even though you're rude". I think she finds me annoying.)

Unfortunately, this is more in the nature of a last resort thought for me than a first instinct. In moments of irritation, I tend to forget that I'm that person to someone.

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