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01 August 2010

A New Meaning to Rhetorical Questions

My first assignment as a rhetoric major is finished, and my next one is already assigned. Cool.

The instructor, as I understand it, chooses a broad topic every semester to be the basis of the papers; this semester it's the oil spill. (What else?) My assignment for the first paper was to choose an aspect of the oil spill and write two editorials, one from each side of the issue. It was a lot of fun.

My next assignment is to rhetorically analyze an article about the oil spill. Since it's not me doing the creation part, I imagine this will be a bit less fun than the first one, but I'm still looking forward to it.

Assignment #3 is a group project. I doubt that will be fun at all.

I hope that my writing everywhere, including my blogging, will improve through this process. I don't suppose that it would get worse, of course; if it did, that would be an awful waste of money. So it should be cool to watch the process, since I'm recording the whole thing for posterity. (My own posterity, that is; I'm not sure that anyone else is going to be that interested in 100 years' time.)

Expect to see more yammering about writing. If you are continuing to read, I can only presume that you enjoy this topic, too. ;)


Arthur said...

Google: No definitions were found for yammering.

Su said...

Excellent. :)