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25 August 2010

A Gyro, a Handball & some Shaved Ice walk into a Su

I forgot to mention in my previous post that sometime during the afternoon Chad & I were wandering Guadalupe (don't pronounce the "e" on the end; I don't know why, except that Austin is weird) Street looking for some food and we ran across a Jordanian restaurant, of all things. While we stared at the menu in "uncertain" mode, the owner recommended his #1-selling item: It was a Gyro with lamb and beef in it, and some various seasonings. I forget what he called it, but it was fabulous. So if anyone comes to visit us, we will probably take you there for lunch at least once.

At the end of the last post, Chad & I were halfway up one of UT's 243 hills. We were on our way to meet up with another group who I plan to join on campus: Koinonia. Not to be confused with the LCU social club of the same name (and I don't join "social clubs," anyway), this is one of the Christian organizations on campus, and from what I have seen, it's the only Christian group that was geared up and ready to go in terms of welcoming new students; they've had activities going on all week.

Tuesday's activity was "Shaved Ice and Sports", and while the "sports" part normally sounds scary to me, it was pretty much the only thing we had to occupy our time between the organization fair and Gone to Texas. So, we went along, met a few friendly people, and were assigned to the blue team. (Yay!) Our first contest was to come up with at team cheer, and the blue team won! Unfortunately, that was the last thing we won.

The intrepid Blue Team, during a break.

The first game was called "Handball", and it was essentially Ultimate Frisbee with soft foamy balls instead of flying discs of doom. And it was much, much more fun than I anticipated. It started raining while we were playing, but it hardly mattered, because we were all already dripping with sweat anyway. After a few games of handball, we stopped playing for a while because the shaved ice arrived.

Well, you can't actually see a ball in this picture. But that's what the game looked like. :)

Then, we played a game called "Braveheart", which apparently Koinonia plays at all of their game-playing gatherings. It was essentially dodgeball, but with yoga balls instead of the rubber things you used to use in primary school. Also more fun than I anticipated.

And while we were having a great time with Koinonia, we had to head off for Gone to Texas.

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