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23 August 2010


We raced out the door on Wednesday morning to catch the 6:52 bus (!) so that we could get to campus by 8:00. I'm going to have to find a better way to get to my 8:00 classes, that's certain.

There was a really long general information meeting. Then there was a short college meeting, in which three tips were shared for a successful college life. 1.) Get involved, 2.) Go to class, 3.) I don't remember #3, because I spent most of the presentation trying to figure out why on earth #1 & 2 weren't swapped round. All the getting involved in the world won't help you if you are failing because you skipped class once a week.

And from there we were herded (more or less; these students working in the New Student Services department are a competent, and eager, bunch) to a meeting in our department: Well, it was supposed to be a department meeting, but apparently Rhetoric & Writing is a "small department", so I was bunched together with all the other Liberal Arts majors who aren't in the "Big Five". Yay, us.

And then Chad & I skipped off of campus and had some lunch. And did some tourist-y stuff.

Day 2: We went to a really small transitions workshop, where I signed up for something. I'm sure all will become clear when I check my inbox later. From there, we trekked across campus to a "Get involved" meeting, which actually wasn't that useful to me. Bummer.

Then we stopped by Taco Bell for a quick lunch, and I discovered that on campus at least, Taco Bell uses Austin water to make their Frutista Freezes. Dang! I drank some of it, then dug out the strawberries & threw the rest away. Chad says it tasted like chlorine, but whatever it was, I didn't want any more. Ick.

And after lunch, we departed on the much-awaited campus tour. Yay! I finally got to be one of those people in a very big crowd who have been blocking the sidewalk all summer long. Remember how I said I don't know what this building is? Well, I do now. It's the Littlefield House, and has a nice story attached about a woman who wanted her own children but didn't have any, so her husband built this house and Littlefield Dormitory, just behind it, so that Mrs. Littlefield could be "Mother" to dozens of college girls.

Then one more information meeting (at the student rec center), and we were done. We consider ourselves to be fully-oriented.

And since then, we've been on the lookout for all the "Welcome Week" activities to get our hands on free food. Yep, the life of a college student is indeed entertaining.

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