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31 August 2010

In the Desert on a Bus with No Name

After a long day of joyous singing and brilliant speakers, TCC had one more treat in store for us: An Acappella concert.

You can almost see me in this version of the picture. And I would post my own pics, rather than stolen ones, but guess where my camera was? If you guessed: "The same place it is every other time I want it", then you are correct.

Acappella. Chad & I were sitting next to a girl who I first met when I was an 18-year-old aim student in Denver City, and she was a really sweet middle schooler. And the two of us were giggling and singing along as though no time had passed at all since then. Except time has passed, and I suppose we were giggling more at the happy nostalgia and the fun we were having than we would have done back in the day.

We were both amazed when one of the singers asked who had never been to an Acappella concert: A lot of hands went up. I guess Acappella isn't the thing for this generation, or something? I don't know why that is, but I do still like them as much now as I did when I was in high school. And they sang two of the three songs that I was really really really hoping they would sing, so it was all good for me.

Then there was some arranging for who would be staying in which house, and Chad & I got a ride back to the church building (it was "too far" to walk-- seriously?? Nowhere in DC is too far to walk!) to get the key to the house we were staying in, because it's a rental with no current occupants. And, as we found out a few hours later, no water. Oops.

Then, we went with our gracious host/landlord to the after-party, where a little bit of everything was in full swing-- ping-pong, skateboarding, swimming, basketball, trampoline jumping, eating, cheer practise, talking, and I think there was some TV watching in there somewhere, although I don't know how, because it was LOUD. When one family opens up their home to over 100 people, there is bound to be some noise. I freaked out one of the aim assistants (which I seem to have a real gift for), met a few teens and a couple of adults from all over the place, and harassed a nice young man who used to be a serious pest back when he was about 10. We knew he'd grow out of it eventually. ;)

And Acappella turned up, having finished their tear down. :) But at about that time, our host was about to fall asleep on his feet, so he collected us and a few girls who were either going to his house or just needed a ride home and dropped us all off at our respective locations. This was when Chad & I made the no-water discovery, but we were down the street from a member of the church who had plenty of running water, so we decided we could get a shower at their house the next morning before collapsing into bed. And I hadn't moved when I woke up about seven hours later and wondered what happened to the noise and the streetlights. (There's a lot to be said for small towns.)

Okay, I guess the trip to Denver City gets to be a trilogy.

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