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22 August 2010

The Non-Race Recap

I know how much you all look forward to my monthly race recaps, so it is with a heavy heart that I must bring you this news: There won't be any more of those.

Not monthly, anyway; the Austin running club doesn't have a $5 race every month for us to enter. Which is a real bummer, because I've looked forward to those every month for the past three years. And while I've missed a few, I've always done a race somewhere else on what was a normal WTRC race day (twice in Austin, once in Indianapolis).

But this month, on the second Saturday, the WTRC got together without us to have their race. I was pretty sad on my solo run that morning, because we really did enjoy the running club and managed to make a lot of friends on our monthly Saturday-morning sweat sessions.

This photo is from the March race this year, when I volunteered rather than ran. Both of these ladies are considerably faster than I (like most of the planet). Good thing we're all friends on Facebook.

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