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10 August 2010


This past Saturday, a new AIM class started their adventure.

It doesn't feel that long ago that it was me, until I start doing the math (fourteen years ago today); then I just feel old. I remember finding out that day that one does not generally wear shorts inside Sunset. (I say "one," because that was a custom I never really picked up on-- the building has never fallen down from me walking inside it wearing shorts.)

We got to Sunset, followed the very handy signs telling us which way to go, and got our first look at the AIM classroom. I got as far as about three steps into the room and stopped, because I already had sensory overload from all the stuff that was happening. And I might still be standing there frozen, if not for the amazing Angie, who pried me away from the door and escorted me to the correct check-in spot.

The rest of the day is a blur; I know there was an orientation about the housing, and I know there were tons of people who helped us move in. I also know my father didn't trust my ability to get directions, because I remember telling him, "We turn at the 7-11." He said, "So if I get to the 7-11, have I gone too far?" And I was totally confused, because we were supposed to turn there; wherever the dang street next to 7-11 was, that's where we turned. Who cared what side the 7-11 was on?? Of course, now I understand; he was stressed and was grieving.

And here's my prize story from the day: I've told this a few times, and I think I may have given a couple of different versions, but here goes. At the dinner that evening, there was a Q&A time for parents. Someone asked if Lubbock has a curbside recycling programme. I think that someone may have been my father, and if it was not my father, he certainly looked around to find the questioner, probably while muttering, "That's a good question."

Yeah. No one else thought it was a good question, including the then-aim director, who seemed nonplussed when he answered that he didn't think so. (And by golly, he was correct; Lubbock could stand some improvement in that area.)

My roommate stayed up that night to unpack. I went to bed late (for me)-- like around 10:30 or 11. But the excitement of the day, my roommate unpacking, and the people below us hanging up something in their ceiling kept me awake far longer. I think that was the beginning of me having a reputation for getting more sleep than anyone else, but hey, I am here to say it can be done.

So I hope the new class enjoys their adventure. They will never be the same.

Many thanks to my classmate Alex for letting me use her picture!

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