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15 August 2010


I think that's a movie title. But the movie is not what this post is about.

In my discussion of Tuesday's group project train wreck, I left out our Q&A session at the end. While there were several good questions asked, all of which gave us the chance to further explain our analysis, there were two dumb questions. Both were well outside the stated purview of our research, and the second one gave away that the questioner wasn't really listening, as it came approximately two seconds after I had finished explaining the answer.

Both questions came from the same person.

My group-mate Goofy was determined to ask Bad Questioner a complicated and/or off-the-wall question at the end of his presentation Wednesday. However, in the course his group's report, a question occurred to me; one that was related to what they were talking about (it was about one of their sources) but not immediately in the vein of their research. In other words, I did the same thing to him that he had done to us, but hit a bit closer to the center of the target.

I wasn't actually asking to be vindictive. I did hope that Goofy would be satisfied and not make an idiot of himself (turns out that plan worked pretty well), but I was truly curious about this source. However, my curiosity was not satisfied, since none of the nice young men presenting knew the answer to my question. However, Bad Questioner asked the next group another bad question, so apparently he was unabashed.

Mwah hahahaha.


Kannan said...

This blog is good.

Timbra Wiist said...

your adventures are slaying me. what a fun perspective from "the older student". . . . no one wants a college perspective from someone who just left home three minutes ago. . .you are really hitting the mark with all of your analytical blogs :)

Su said...

Hee hee, thanks. :)