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03 August 2010

Start Shuffling

I'm trying to remember why I thought of this song the other day. I don't know if someone mentioned it, or if I heard it somewhere... either way, it began a train of thought that is now pulling into the station; that is to say, I'm writing it down for you.

When I was in kindergarten, my mum's younger brother used to come pick me up for school. (And I only realise now what a sacrifice that was-- he was around 22ish when I was five, and the early-20s crowd are not renowned for their early-rising skills.) This song had just been released, and my uncle had it on 8-track or cassette or whatever he had in his car. Or perhaps it was just on the radio a lot. Whatever the source, I know Every. Single. Word. to this song, from repeated exposure at an early age.

My uncle has been gone for many years now, so this song brings both nostalgia as well as a longing for what we have lost. And for that reason, this song makes me happy.

I must admit, though, that on the rare occasions I've been able to separate the song from the man who loved me enough to get up early on dark, freezing Indiana mornings to drive me to school, I can't imagine why anyone would want to listen to this song every day. (Perhaps he was listening to it to stay awake.) I watched this video before deciding to add it to my blog, and joked to Chad, "My uncle was on drugs." (He was not. I would never ever ever really think that he could have been. But he did have strange taste in music.)

Even that offhand comment turned sad quickly, though, because Chad asked, "Which uncle?" and I told him, "The only one who was. All the rest of them are still 'is'."

And none of them are exposing me to their taste in music.


mamaphalen said...

I think I remember us dancing to this. Uncle Billy Jack liked to make the sound effects. It made us laugh. That doesn't explain the everydayness of it though. Sometimes I wish I could go over the last thirteen years with him though. Yesterday was three years since Grandpa died. I miss them both.

Su said...

Was it really his favourite song? Because I always feel like it was, but the sensible part of me thinks that his taste in music evolved further after 1983. Maybe it just was for those first few months after it came out, like a "current favourite" kind of thing.

I miss them, too. :(