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05 August 2010

Orient Me, Please

I signed up for fall orientation the other day. It will happen in that blessedly-free week between summer school and fall semester. (I say "blessedly free", but reality is that I'll be bored out of my mind & start reading ahead in my textbooks.)

I am under no obligation to attend orientation; I've already begun classes and am enrolled for fall. I'm going because I want to learn the local lingo, meet more people in my college (and, I hope, in my department), and get the tour of the campus.

Ah, yes, the campus tour. I've seen many a first-year student (and frequently, their parents. And sometimes the entire extended family. And I think a few of them brought their whole small town with them) taking the tour during the past couple of weeks. And I've realised that these fresh-faced baby geniuses will come to campus in three weeks' time knowing more about it than I, even though I will have five weeks of school behind me already.

So, I intend to learn about these places I so innocently took pictures of a couple of years ago:

Actually, I don't need any help with this one. I have location and use of these babies all under control. I just wish the university would assign me one for my personal use to keep those sneaky freshmen away from it.

I do know where this is; the Rhetoric & Writing department is practically in its shadow. I'll probably zone out for this part of the tour.

No, Chad is not still up there. I don't know where on campus these sculptures are, but I'm pretty sure their location has very little bearing on my life. However, I may get to see them on the tour; who knows?

I really hope this turns out to be somewhere people go to relax. But I bet it's just an engineering student thing.

I have seen this sometime in the last three weeks! I just don't remember where.

I know this building is on campus. Beyond that-- where? Why? Will I ever seen the inside of it?-- I don't know. And that's why I need a tour.


Timbra Wiist said...

enjoy the tour

Su said...

Thanks! :) I did manage to find that curious red thing yesterday. Or it may have been Thursday. Anyway, I do know where it is now.