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18 August 2010

Su 2010

Can I tell you how much I love that the abbreviation for the summer semester at UT is "Su?" It's like the whole place knew I was coming.

I also like how the sun looks like it is plotting something. Much like myself.

Anyway. I lived through Astronomy with a good enough grade. I'm hoping the lab portion of the class (which I'm taking this fall) is just as easy.

But I am heartbroken that Principles of Rhetoric is finished. I loved, loved, loved that class. I think I've mentioned how great the instructor was-- I am so keeping an eye out to see if I can get into any more of her classes-- but unflattering nicknames notwithstanding, I liked my classmates, too.

I feel a little bit of guilt that I didn't learn most of my classmates' names; apart from the ones who sat immediately around me and the ones in my group project, I'm pretty well unsure about everybody else. This does fit into the "self-absorbed jerk" image that I work so hard to maintain, but also undercuts the social aspect of university for me. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be making friends. So, I guess I should put that into my "things to work on" list for the fall semester.

So, I took my final on Friday and went home feeling a bit deflated--there is a sense of loss at coming to the end of most things, and certainly so when it's such a fun group of people. I really can only hope for more of the same with subsequent classes.

My inaugural session at UT was a complete success, leaving me eager to start the fall semester. Just a week to go!


Anonymous said...

Not the end, just the beginning. Remember the final event of college is called the beginning (commencement).

Not ALL their names, nobody needs that many friends. Just the memorable ones, some friends, some enemies.

I'd say your journey has only be-middled.

Su said...

Hee hee. "Be-middled", that's good.