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13 August 2010

Still Does Not Work & Play Well With Others.

First me, now Chad: The scowling never ends in our house.

(Actually, this is my husband's head shot when he tried out for Wolverine in X-Men.)

Picking up where we left off: In addition to me feeling that our presentation was short on analysis, which is really what had me leaving class ready to cry, the great world of technology also failed us. Apparently, the IT department at UT stripped Adobe Flash player from the building's computers overnight, so our smooth-sailing rehearsal on Monday did not at all have us prepared for the it-doesn't-work nightmare that awaited us on Tuesday.

We did get praise from the instructor for remaining calm and smoothing things over as best as possible (seriously, this instructor was sent to me by God; the whole planet should be more like her) while Goofy quickly found a replacement for the first part of the video, played it, and did a quick talk about it. I was not so lucky; I had to explain my part the video and analyze it; either from pity or because I do a fabulous Stephen Colbert impression, the class laughed at all the right bits anyway.

It was my fault that the video didn't work; I was responsible for checking that when I got to campus that morning, and I arrived 45 minutes early to get it done, only to find the other group practising their presentation. No problem... except they used the following 40 minutes to do it, and in my last-five-minute rush to get our powerpoint cued up and ready to go, I forgot to check the video. I don't blame the other group for my own scatterbrainedness, but I was really quite frustrated at their lack of courtesy to shut the entire class out of the room until 5 minutes before class time--including those of us who were scheduled to present ahead of them.

We also had an accompanying paper, which we worked on after class the same day. In this area, at least, my classmates have more confidence that I know what I'm talking about, so it was much easier to finish with no headache, and we still have a chance to salvage our grade for that part of the project, anyway.

Regardless of my despair, it's done. And that was our intention in choosing to go first.

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