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12 July 2010

More Error than Comedy

If you take in nothing else from today's post, please remember this: I got all the way through church on our last Sunday before I started crying. Ta-daa!

Lots of good-byes, lots of well wishes, and then we were off to pick up a U-Haul. And then we went for lunch at another friend's house (people were so kind in their feeding of us these past couple of weeks), and finally back home to finish up packing.

I'm sure that for everyone who moves, the whole thing turns into a comedy of errors. And if everyone else is like us, it gets progressively less comedic as one goes along. Ugh. Chad started loading up the U-Haul, only to stop at 2 AM when I convinced him that we needed some sleep. Then, at about 8 AM Monday morning, we decided that our U-Haul was too small, so we called & arranged a larger truck, which meant Chad, ably assisted by Mike, had to unload everything that was already loaded, then drive across town, then back again.

Meanwhile, I was frantically wrapping our dishes in newspaper and finding them spots in boxes. Fortunately, we had many willing volunteers to help with this process; otherwise, we may never have finished.

So, the new truck arrived and Chad, Mike and the gentlemen from the previously-mentioned SpyPros were most efficient in loading up all our worldly possessions in a couple of hours. (The ladies were in attendance as well, but once we got all the kitchen boxed up we mostly watched the men work.) Ruth and I went to United to get some ice, and while there we picked up some very yummy and still-warm United cookies; we miss those already!

We decided sometime on Saturday afternoon to get a hotel in Abilene for Monday night, so we would only have half the drive to Austin to undertake on Tuesday. This was unanimously voted as a good choice by those loading the truck, although it came as a bit of a surprise to our friend Tricia, who in "real life" also manages the fabulous apartments we moved out of, and was not expecting to do a final walk-through of our apartment on Monday afternoon.

We got the final odds & ends on the truck, and rolled out of Lubbock at about 2:30 Monday afternoon. It's been fun.


the Apartment Manager said...

Sooo, the "Apartment Manager?" I think that this would have been a great moment for a shout out :(

Su said...

Some people get offended if I use their names on my blog. However, since you don't seem to mind, a mention you shall have.