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13 July 2010

We have arrived!

Apparently there's a joke that "La Quinta" is Spanish for "Next to Denny's". I have heard that joke many, many times, but always thought it was strange; after all, I've spent the past five years working in a doctor's office that is next to La Quinta, and the nearest Denny's was a couple of miles away.

Not so this week; the La Quinta we stopped at in Abilene was, in fact, next to Denny's. So that's where we had dinner. And then we had a nice sleep, because we were up late Sunday and up early Monday, so we were plenty tired. Chad was considerably more tired than myself, of course, since he did the majority of the loading, unloading and reloading of our U-Hauls.

Tuesday morning we got up & had a nice breakfast before heading out for the second half of our journey to Austin. A friend in Lubbock had organised some help for us to unload with some friends of hers in Austin, and I'm pretty sure we forgot to mention that our new apartment was on the third floor. Oops.

We got here, had the usual rigmarole over lease signing, here's the pool, let us know if anything was broken, etc. And then the fun began, because while we don't have a lot of stuff, some of the stuff we do have is plenty heavy. In particular, the washing machine. After the men managed to get it all the way up, one of them said to me, "When you move, buy a new washing machine."

They could only stay for about an hour, but they were immensely helpful. Do I remember their names? Of course, I do not. We made a quick trip to our bank, then moved a few boxes into their correct rooms before the arrival of Paul & Teri, who helped get the last few things up the stairs & invited us to come with them to church on Wednesday.

So, it wasn't pretty, and it still isn't all put away, but we are Austin residents.

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