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27 July 2010

Meet My Classmate

There's an annoying guy in my astronomy class; in a burst of originality and wit, I've decided to hereafter refer to him as "Annoying Guy".

I don't technically mind people who are annoying that much (at college, that is-- at work it's another story); they are in my life for a few weeks and then gone, never to be seen again; thanks be to the almighty Dean of Students. But Annoying Guy is pervasive. I see him walking around campus. I hear him yammering on his blasted phone with the all-the-more-annoying-for-being-attached-to-his-head earpiece. I put on my iPod so I don't have to hear his word choices while he is sitting six tables away (yeah, I should call him Loud Annoying Guy), only to retreat to a more defensible position when I realise my choice is between listening to him or deafening myself.

Annoying Guy has gotten under my skin. And I want him out.

Truthfully, what annoys me the most-- even more than his obnoxious, under-the-breath comments in class, or his eye rolls that are huge so that we can all see his disgust when the lecturer is cracking a lame joke, or his loud phone conversations that he really should take somewhere more private-- what annoys me the most is this: He is a good student.

I wish he were a horrible student, so I could at least rest in the knowledge that he is bringing his own ignorance upon himself. But no, he has to go and understand it all just as well as I do.

Sometimes, it would be nice if people would fail a course for my sake.

1 comment:

Denyce said...

You continue to make me laugh. I, too, get annoyed with people who are annoying and apparently smart. At some point, wouldn't that intelligence lead to them learning to not be annoying? Well, apparently not.