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14 July 2010

The Education Habit

We didn't have internet in the apartment when we first moved in (hence the blogging-free week last week), so in order to use such fantastic tools as the trip planner from our local bus system, I was having to drag myself & my laptop out onto our humid porch to use the community internet. Which I did, late Tuesday night, when I was so tired I could have fallen asleep while sitting on the porch. But I had a meeting with my advisor on Wednesday morning and I didn't want to be late, so we had to find out which buses were the correct ones to get from our apartment to my advisor's office.

Except I didn't have a meeting. After our first, blessedly uneventful, ride on the Capital Metro service, we got to the office to discover I wasn't on the calendar. After a couple minutes of the receptionist searching, and then telling me that I must go to orientation, I made the statement that turned out to be the tipping point: I'm here to go to summer school. This got the attention of my advisor in the next room, and she came around and asked me to come back in half an hour.

I was about ready to cry with frustration, the more so because I made this appointment well ahead of time to avoid this such event. So, I took a walk down the hall to get a drink, then went outside to phone my mum & tell her about our morning thus far. Then I went back inside to find Chad looking for me.

So, problem solved; my advisor gave me all the stuff I need to register for summer school and the fall semester. And it turns out that in a perfect world (one without full classes and university requirements about how many hours one must take from them), I could probably finish my degree in a year. Well done, South Plains College! Unfortunately, I don't live in a perfect world, and UT will not grant me a degree until I take 60 hours here. Good thing I have a second major, then.

So, after that little bit of aggravation, the rest of the day was smooth sailing; I convinced the admissions office that they have all my transcripts, explained to financial aid that I am only taking one summer session, and got a student ID. And on Friday, I registered for my two summer classes. My education habit has indeed resumed.

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