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12 July 2010

Day One: Oh, crap.

For those not keeping score at home, today was my first day of summer school, and my first day getting any kind of formal education since I graduated from South Plains College five years ago. There are posts that are coming about moving in and meeting my advisor and so on, but this post gets to skip the queue.

So, I got up late. Yeah, this is already bad. I think I either slept through the alarm or hit snooze in my sleep, but either way, I got up 20 minutes later than I intended. I momentarily contemplated skipping the shower (yeah, yeah, get all grossed out if you must), then remembered that I live in Austin now and there has certainly been sweating for me since my last shower.

Got in, got out, got dressed (I'm so thankful that I'm not that fussy about clothes), grabbed up all the stuff I would need. Ate about three bites of breakfast. Skipped my morning tea (and I already know a day is going to be wonky that starts with no tea). Couldn't find my shoes.

I finally got out the door and was headed out to the street, only to hear the sound of the bus going by. Crap! I went out and waited for the next one since I didn't have much choice, but the nerves, they were jangling.

The next bus had a slightly different route, so I wasn't sure about my planned transfer. Instead of trying to catch a campus shuttle, I decided to stay on the bus until it got downtown, then walk the rest of the way. Fortunately, I am a speed walker; unfortunately, I don't know my way around downtown, the campus, any of the buildings-- basically, I aimed for the Bell Tower, since I knew my destination was near there, and hoped for the best. "The best" does not work out so well when I'm behind a tall building and can't see my target, though.

I found the building, went up to the first floor, realised my mistake, turned around and went back down to the basement. Yep, my class is in the basement. Yay. I zoomed into the classroom with about 30 seconds to spare (seriously-- the lecturer was right behind me), covered in sweat and already exhausted. Fortunately, the Stepford Student in me took over and immediately began writing down everything the lecturer said.

Unfortunately, the perfectionist in me panicked a bit more the further we went along-- I have to do what? Read how much? The tests are what percent of my grade? Methinks that I waited too long between my associate and my bachelor's degrees. Ugh.

Anyway, it all capped off beautifully when she gave a massive reading assignment due tomorrow. From the textbook I don't yet have, because I ordered it online and didn't want to pay extra for overnight shipping. I tried to be resourceful and go to the library.

Oh yay, another adventure. Before I could do that, I had to find a library. I went to an information booth Chad & I stopped by one day last week in the Tower, got a map, then read nearly the entire list of buildings before I found the words "Main Library". (It has another name, so I really did have to read the whole list to find it.) Then I had to work out where I was (I should seriously get a hand-held GPS), and after that the library was easy enough to find.

Not so the entrance to the library; I walked the entire way around the daft building to find a way in. And once I was in, I had no earthly idea where to go to find a textbook. Result: A clearly-marked information desk!

Librarian: Hello!
I: Hi! I'm new here.
L: (chuckles) Okay, welcome! How can I help you?
I: I need to do a reading assignment from a textbook I don't yet have and I was hoping the library would have it so I can read it here.
L: Okay, great! What's the book called?
I: (dig out syllabus, read the textbook & author's name)
L: (tries to look it up-- she really did try, I was watching) I'm sorry, we don't seem to have it.
I: (fighting the panic attack that wants to take over): Okay, then, I guess I'll go talk to the instructor. Thanks.

After a short walk to clear my head and talk myself out of withdrawing from uni altogether, I went to my instructor's office, explained the situation, and she found a book that I could borrow. Result! And now I'm taking a blogging break from said massive reading assignment.

My second class, Astronomy, was much better; it's a lower-level class and is designed for non-science majors. All I need to do is pay attention and all should be well for me in that class. Although, the university bookstore has totally ripped me off in my book for Astronomy, so I guess I've learned to never buy from them again.

And now, back to work as I prepare for day 2. Buckle up; it's going to be a fun ride.

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