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05 September 2010

And a Final Thought

I finished On Writing quite some time ago, and have moved on to more challenging books ("more challenging" because they are in Spanish, not because they have harder words). But I did have one more thought to share.

Mr. King talked about his work habits; he writes about 2000 words per day when he has a project in progress. How much one writes per day varies from person to person; he mentions Anthony Trollope, for instance, who wrote for 2 1/2 hours exactly every morning. When his time was up, he would stop mid-sentence if need be. On the other hand, if he finished a novel with time remaining, he would put it to one side and start a new one.

The basic advice he gives here is to read a lot and write a lot. I really am trying to read a lot, although again, my current reads are all in Spanish; I do have to acknowledge my circumstances, after all, and if I can't read in Spanish then I have no business majoring in it. As for writing a lot... well, that's one reason I have this blog. While it's not exactly fiction on here, it's also not a news report; I do give my own spin & commentary to the events in my world. And sometimes (like today) I just share the thoughts that are floating around in my brain that need an escape valve.

And I still recommend On Writing to anyone who is remotely interested in 1) Stephen King, or 2) Writing. It's a great book.

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