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27 September 2010

Random Thought O' The Week.

Hi, my name is Su and I'm a Blogger.

I've never been to an AA (or any of its spin-off groups) meeting, but I've seen enough of them on TV to know that's how a speaker begins. And because I am a person of much cheek, that's what I think of whenever someone introduces him/herself. I'm sure there is some way in which that is completely inappropriate, but I'm not bothered.

Case point: The youth minister at church got up a few Sundays ago and said, "Hi, my name is Bryan and I'm the youth minister." And I had to hold myself back from replying, "Hi, Bryan!"

Although I did write it on my notepad. Because that's the kind of brain that I carry around with me. It's fun in here.


sparquay said...

Awesome. I think you might have broke some laughter... and I bet he half expected an answer like that, too.

Su said...

I did snicker inappropriately, but I tried to keep it quiet. The people sitting around us don't have neurotic brains (as far as I know). :)