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26 September 2010

Words: I Pray for Nothing Less

I've been planning this post since I began my "Words That Have Changed My Life" miniseries, but the scrapbook containing these lyrics was already boxed up for moving at that point, and I've only just taken it out. Something like six months my poor memories were packed away; no wonder I can't remember anything!

It seems quite sure, if I did my best, I cold maybe impress you.
With tender words, a harmony, a clever rhyme or two.
But if all I've done in the time we've shared is turn your eyes on me,
I've failed at what I've been called to do.
There's someone else I want you to see.

I'd like to keep these memories in frames of gold and silver.
And reminisce a year from now, about the smiles we've shared.
But above all else I hope you have learned to know the Father's love.
And when you see the Lord face to face, you'll hear him say, "Well done!"

Will you love Jesus more, when we go our separate ways?
When this moment is a memory, will you remember his face?
Will you look back and realize you sensed his love more than you did before?
I pray for nothing less than for you to love Jesus more.

I've never heard this song; Carolyn handed out copies in a group we happened to be in together when we were aim students. This may freak her out a bit (sorry, Care!), but I can still hear her voice every time I read these lyrics, not only because that's the only time that I've ever heard them read, but also because Carolyn has a gift for exemplifying the love of Jesus in her life.

And I think of these words often. When I'm at church, when I'm at home, or at work, or at uni. Especially when I'm teaching Bible class, or hosting a slumber party for delightful teens at my house. Or at prayer group, or when I hug a hurting friend. I hope the picture of Su the comedienne isn't the only thing I've left behind in the various partings of the ways that I've had in my life.

And I hope, through this goofy little blog, that I can sometimes encourage you to love Jesus more.


mamaphalen said...

No, I remember the serious stuff too.

Carolyn said...

Wow Su. That really touched me. I did not even remember sharing that until you reminded me :) Thank you for your kind words - really. Makes me happy to see that you continue wanting the same thing as I do - to shine Jesus in all you do. I am quite certain you are doing just that. Love you!

By the way - you ought to just do a search for the song on You Tube - it is by Philips, Craig & Dean. I think you'll like it and may help you to hum the tune as you go about your day - pointing others up.

Thanks for reminding me of the song!


Su said...

@Deb: Thanks. You and I do have a slightly deeper connection that I have with most of my readers! (Except possibly Denise, who doesn't even comment when I write about her.)

@Carolyn: You know, I love technology, but I always forget about youtube. Weird. I shall look it up. And thank you for the long-term inspiration. :)