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18 September 2010


Let me just start off by stating the obvious: I'm a cranky, cynical, antisocial so-and-so.

I really am. I like it that way. I've frequently considered my personality to be one part Oscar the Grouch, one part Ebenezer Scrooge (in the "leave me alone" way, not the "Hey, look! Money!" way), one part Red Forman (I swear that character is based on my paternal grandfather), and a small sliver of Pollyanna. I think it's the small sliver that keeps me from being completely odious to everyone around me.

However much fun I'm having being this cranky (and I am!), that doesn't make it right. Continuous grumpiness is no way to go through life, dangit. And after running across this blog a few days ago, I feel pretty strongly that I should be letting Pollyanna out every now and then (she would probably enjoy the fresh air).

So, I began keeping a "gratitude list"; it's in the sidebar. One new thing that I'm grateful for every day, from now until my fingers fall off. (I'm sure that my fingers having not fallen off will make it onto the list eventually.) Or perhaps until Gabriel blows his horn.

It doesn't do for someone who is as blessed as me to always be grumpy. Not even for entertainment purposes.

Please share in the comments what you are grateful for today.


Timbra Wiist said...

i'm thankful for friends who remind me to be thankful. it's something i too have been working on recently. . . like my "multitasker" FB post last week. . .i could be annoyed that there are dirty diapers to wash and neverending dishes. . . but let's spin it this way. . . i have running water to wash dishes because i had dinner tonight, and a fridge to put leftovers, and laundry detergent and for heaven's sake. . . a washer and dryer and dishwasher all INSIDE my house!!! that do all the work while i sleep or hold a baby or play on the computer. . .gratitude, it's what's for dinner!!!

mamaphalen said...

I am thankful for technology, so that even though my cousins are in Indiana, Florida, and Texas I can still "talk" to them and get to them better! ♥ ya Susan!

mamaphalen said...

get to know them better*

Su said...

IDK... "Get to them" kind of works, too. :)

@Timbra: Funny how stuff kind of goes around. Like a really pleasant germ, or something. :)