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13 September 2010

Get Me to an Umbrella

There's a student-friendly CVS across the street from campus, and I went in there one day last week to pick up a couple of things before heading home.

I was really after Q-tips. (Cotton swabs are one of a handful of products that I refer to by a brand name.) I didn't want to buy them at the over-priced pharmacy section of the grocery store, so I decided to try my luck at a drugstore. That place ought to be filled with Q-tips, right?

Um. No. It is not. I went down three aisles that I thought made sense, before finding them in the very back. Right next to the umbrellas, and I hope someone besides me thinks that this is an odd combination. And since I've been wanting an umbrella (and it was raining while I was in the store), I went ahead and got one before proceeding to the Chapstick aisle. (Yes, lip balm is also on the "brand name" list.)

Buying Chapstick should not be complicated, and yet like every other dang thing that is commercially available, there are too many options. It takes a few minutes of contemplation before I decide to shut my eyes and grab one at random. Usually, that doesn't give me the one I want, but it eliminates a possibility.

Why regale you with a trip to a drugstore, you may wonder? It's another part of a new city. It's the little quirks of life that tell me I'm not quite settled yet, when I can't even find Q-tips and Chapstick. And so I take a step closer to knowing where I am, and where everything else is in relation to me.

Plus, I'm hoping to get some kickbacks from CVS.

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