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25 September 2010

I Should Have Known

I cried every morning the first week of kindergarten. And I think that's because my 5-year-old brain knew that my academic life would one day come to this.

I've had the sort of kinks in my week that one normally associates with the first week of the semester. Not me; I waited until week 5. You know, when I had tests and papers due and my sanity depended on my being able to keep to a routine.

On Monday, I got to the bus stop, realised I'd forgotten my bus pass, scrounged rapidly for bus fare, found it, and was about to get on the bus when my bike fell over, the light hit the ground and bits went flying in all directions. Shoot. The driver asked, "Are you coming?" (God bless the Austin bus drivers!), and I told him, "No, go ahead," while I collected batteries, itty bitty light bulb, the interior of my bike light, and my helmet, which had rolled away. Then I picked up the bike, reassembled the light (which still worked! Yay!), and went home to collect my bus pass and try again. Unfortunately, I missed my first class of the day (where they were reviewing for our test on Friday; geez, I hate missing class).

On Tuesday, I had a conference about my paper with my Rhetoric instructor (hereafter known as Red Ball, for reasons I shall explain later), scheduled for 11:40. I consulted the bus timetable, got the bus leaving here at 11:00, and discovered halfway to campus that this was one of the routes that had a couple of extra stops added to it. Oops. So instead of arriving on campus at 11:35, I got there at 11:50. Aaaargh. I got to Red Ball's office and she was with another student. So I lurked in the hallway, hoping to catch her with a free five minutes sometime. Meanwhile, my rhetoric teacher from over the summer (I never gave her a nickname, did I? Dang.) came along to her own office, so I chatted with her for a while (and by "chatted", I mean "told her what a frustrating semester I'm having and started to cry"), before leaving her in peace and sitting in the hall waiting for Red Ball to have a free slot. Three hours later (!) I finally got in; she hadn't even noticed that I had missed my appointment, and said I actually did her a favor by coming late and hanging around waiting, because she was running behind and missing an appointment meant she got caught up again. Yeah, glad I could help you out with that. And she made me a cup of tea. :)

Wednesday morning, I missed my bus by about 10 seconds. Which meant I was 20 minutes late to my first class. If I wanted that instructor to like me, I really screwed it up this week. Also on Wednesday, I had a test in my Hispanic Linguistics class. I had a pair of answers to one question that I thought were backwards, so I switched them around and changed another answer that depended on the first question for its answer (if that makes sense). Then, I realised later that I had them correct the first time, so I managed to miss three questions in one go. :(

Thursday was better. I got up, went to campus, saw my advisor, went home. Yeah, I racked my brain trying to think of something else to do on campus so it wasn't that ridiculously short of a trip, and came up empty. And then spent the rest of the day blogging and homeworking.

Friday, I finally managed to have a good day. I really hope I can keep that going. Shouldn't be too hard; I have a paper due Monday morning, which means I get to spend my weekend writing. Again. :)

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