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15 September 2010

My University Has a Football Team?

UT's first game of the year was, I believe, against Rice.

For all I know, it might equally well have been against Barley, Wheat or Quinoa. I'm fairly certain it was an away game, and my classmates assure me that UT won. I have every sympathy with my linguistics instructor, a doctoral student who tries so hard to care about the stuff undergrads care about: The next class day after the game, she asked, "How was everybody's weekend? Didn't we play... somebody?" The class giggled, but I think they did at least appreciate the effort.

I know about the first home game of the year, though; there were lots of signs, tents, charter buses, and bewildered out-of-towners on campus to announce the coming festivities. And, in case I had missed all those clues, Capital Metro provided this public service announcement: DELAYS EXPECTED. UT vs WYOMING FOOTBALL GAME. Ah, that clears it up. I can always rely on my bus company to keep me informed. (Really, I can. They're pretty fabulous that way.) And, my classmates tell me again, we won last weekend as well.

I discovered about 10 years ago that the best time to go shopping for anything in Lubbock was during a Tech game. I'm hoping the same holds true for the Longhorn games; otherwise, what's the point? I just hope I never need to use the library during a football game, because thousands of screaming people might impair my concentration.


Tricia said...

As long as you don't start cheering for your University's team.. JK! When my sister lived in Austin, she made it a point to stay away from campus as much as possible... Nightmare!

Su said...

If I remember on any given Saturday that there is a football game, that by itself will be pretty extraordinary.

mamaphalen said...

I love American Football, and cannot wait for the day when my girls and Chris go to high school, and we can got to the games together. Abby is playing in the band at a football game this year and I cannot wait!